Consecration of the temple foundations and installation of Lord Ganesh – anniversary

On 25 September we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the consecration of the temple foundations and of the installation of Lord Ganesh. View this video conveying an impression of these exciting four days ten years ago and read a satsang given by one of the Swamis.

“During many years many people have invested a lot of effort in Fideris. This is not for nothing. When you serve selflessly, the reaction of the Divine is much greater than you can imagine. The response to what you have invested will be great. Fideris was an ordinary, worldly house that the association acquired, but with an unusual, outstanding location. For many years, the worship took place in front of a shrine, and the vibration slowly changed. Everything you brought in was watched by the Silent Witness.

Who is God? – Sanathana Dharma, the timeless consciousness. All changes happening are pointing to this: God wants this temple. Since we bought the house in 1995, the work here continued to develop, and those who have helped, over and over again, contribute to the fact that we are here now. A group is making it possible to reach the goal that extends beyond the individual. The four days here are meaning: we are all equal, none higher or lower, all children of God, on a transcendental level all equal. Do not forget this in these four days!

Sanathana Dharma reaches far, far back and connects us all. God is timeless, omniscient, omnipresent. When one immerses into Sanathana Dharma, time stops and everything is present in the timeless, and one does not perceive anything else. This place and time was planned and God is present to fulfil His plan.

We had been on a long journey and were tired when we arrived. As we stepped out onto the terrace with this beautiful stone, all tiredness was gone. God now shows us: “Ah, this is the next stage, which I continue here with you! There is much, much to be prepared so that this can happen here in the right way. Now we bring a new level of power into this foundational ceremony. God is formless, but he also is this kind form of Lord Ganesh with the warm, loving energy. This ceremony, yagam, the fire ceremony with the Kumbum Mahabishekam and others signifies the integration of all the elements that are contained within God and represent His highest consciousness. The highest personality of God vibrates in the fire. The highest form is your consciousness, and we see fire as something sacred to which we offer the most precious things and ingredients.

Yesterday some sudden doubts came up about our activities here, since we do not yet have the authorization for the building work (roof elevation). Our head of construction said that today was the last day for objections at the office in question. He called the office in Chur. The planning officer told him that no letters had arrived and he thought it would be OK with the authorization. Thus the doubt about this ceremony being premature disappeared.”

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