I am the spring

Follow the yagam at Guruji’s samadhi and learn about an experience of Swami Premanataraj a few months before Guruji passed away.

Divine friends – welcome to our yagam here at Guru’s Samadhi. It’s a big pleasure to be here in this very auspicious place of Guru Sri Subramanium.

It brought back a memory to me of when we were looking after Guru in the Hospice. It was a day like it is today – just magic – outside it was the most beautiful Spring day.

I tried to have some kind of conversation – superficial small talk with him. And I said, ‘Oh, it’s a lovely Spring day, isn’t it Guru?’

And then he answered, ‘Spring… I am the Spring.’

I was deeply touched – and then he said, ‘There will always be Spring for you because I am living in you.’

This is what we always shall remember. These are, more or less, Guru’s last words in my memory of him. And it always brings it back, specifically on a day like this.

Guru is in all of us, particularly in the Springtime when the prana in everything is so strong. The life force, the Divine life force, in all the plants everywhere in nature, is so strong.

It’s oozing out everywhere! [laughs]

Use that, and the offering of the ghee as a fuel for your own Paramatma – to fuel that Divine energy – that Guru core within yourself. Fire it up!

Please join us for the yagam.

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