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The WhatsApp group for the large Skanda Vale and Somaskanda community has been created in response to a growing need to connect, support, pray for and with each other. Due to the growing number of members the group has been divided into an interactive chat and an “content-only” news and info feed, both of them supplying identical information from the ashrams.
We humbly request all members to consider this group as something sacred, to be kept pure and positive and spiritually nourishing.
By joining the interactive chat you agree to:
  • Only post messages which are positive and sincere in nature
  • Messages must be of spiritual relevance and connected to Skanda Vale, Somaskanda and the teachings of Guru Subramanium
  • Wherever possible, write in english and german (use online translator e.g. https://www.deepl.com/en/translator )
  • Provide a picture of yourself in your profile with your full name
  • Respect the privacy of every other member in the group
  • Only the admin team has permission to post messages from other masters/organisations e.g. Mohanji or Babaji
  • Most importantly: think before you send a message

Please supply the following information so that the admin team can keep track of our growing number of members:

    Your first name:

    Your last name:

    Your e-mail address:

    Your mobile phone number:

    Your address:

    Have you visited / spent time in one or both ashrams?

    When and how were you introduced?

    Picture upload (JPG or PNG file format only. Max upload size: 3MB):


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