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  • 24. October 2018

    Second anniversary

    On October 20th and 21st we celebrated the second anniversary of Somaskanda Ashram. There were havans and every single aspect of the Divine residing in the temple received a Kumbum Abishekam. Take a look at the pictures from two sunny ...more
  • 5. September 2018

    A vel for Somaskanda

    On Sunday the temple of Somaskanda took another step forwards in its development when a large vel (or spear of Lord Subramanium) was inaugurated to take its place alongside the other amazing murthis in the temple. No one can lay claim to ...more
  • 30. July 2018

    Guru Purnima

    July 27th, 2018 Guru Purnima is always the culmination of the Shiva festival and each year the intensity of devotion escalates at Somaskanda. This year saw the first dedicated Shiva shrine during the festival and full mahabishekums ...more
  • 1. May 2018

    Retreat in April

    A lovely group of people went for a retreat and spent some days experiencing the Divine out in the early spring nature, in shared Satsang and in deep devotion. Take a look at the images and read about some of the experiences of a pilgrim...more
  • 18. April 2018

    Spring is getting close

    Spring is reaching Somaskanda Ashram. The footpath to the temple has been freed from snow! more
  • 30. January 2018

    Nandi-Puja in the depth of winter

    Before the puja could be performed on January 29th Nandi had to be freed from an almost three meter thick duvet made of snow... In bright sunshine, the pilgrims made their way up to the temple through a winter landscape covered in deep ...more


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