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  • 30. January 2018

    Nandi-Puja in the depth of winter

    Before the puja could be performed on January 29th Nandi had to be freed from an almost three meter thick duvet made of snow... In bright sunshine, the pilgrims made their way up to the temple through a winter landscape covered in deep ...more
  • 19. October 2017

    Being with Mohanji

    On a sunny day in autumn Mohanji and his family came to Somaskanda Ashram and we all could spend time in their presence. It was a lovely day full of joy, satsang and devotion. Take a look at the pictures and read about some of the Satsang ...more
  • 16. October 2017

    First Anniversary

    October 3rd - 5th For three days we were celebrating the first anniversary of the inauguration of the temple. It began with a special puja to Nandi followed by havans and kumbum pujas to Lord Ganesh and Somaskanda Murti. Take a look at ...more
  • 28. August 2017

    Ganesh Chaturthi with Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar

    On August 25th Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar visited the temple and joined us for Ganesh Chaturthi. Here are some images and the experiences of a devotee. On this special day Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar and his disciple Shivani came to Somaskanda ...more
  • 8. February 2017

    A Visit from the Disentis Monastery

    Visit by Brother Martin and his students from the Disentis monastery grammar school. Somaskanda Ashram received special visitors on the last Sunday of January. Brother Martin from the Monastery of Disentis brought a group of about 14 ...more
  • 23. December 2016

    The light from Bethlehem

    Last Friday in a café, friends told us about a candle that has been burning now for 2 weeks on their balcony. The flame was brought to them by a friend from Zürich. It is the light of peace which has been lit in the birth place of Jesus ...more
  • 16. December 2016

    Thank you!

    Thanks to the dynamic support of the many volunteers the inauguration of the temple was a big success The inauguration was an amazing experience which left a deep impression on everybody and which changed the lives of all of us. This ...more
  • 15. December 2016

    Final day of the Mandala Abishekams

    On November 27th we celebrated the final day of the 42 days of Mandala Abishekams. There are many beautiful images we would like to share with you. more
  • 14. December 2016

    42 Days of Mandala Abishekams

    After the inauguration of the temple on October 14th - 16th we celebrated Mandala Abishekams for 42 days. It was an amazing time full of colours and excitement. Take a look at the daily images. more
  • 20. October 2016

    Inauguration of the Soma Skanda temple

    Last weekend we were able to celebrate the inauguration of the new temple. It was given the name SOMA SKANDA TEMPLE. It was an awesome event which left a deep impact on all present. Take a look at the images and become part of the experi...more


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