Take a break from the challenges of your every-day life and join one of our uplifting retreats.

Most of you, everybody, has committed some feeling of aggression, or some activities that they feel guilty of. Don’t fuel guilt – because it just becomes more and more and more. Not less.

What is guilt? Why are you guilty? If all of you made a public confession, without any inhibitions, there will be not any difference between each other.

What stops you from being open? Because you are afraid to be known and seen as you really are.

Don’t be afraid. I see that often when people look at me. There is a search of guilt that rises in the person – “Oh, Guru is coming!”

You always look at me as a rare specimen of humanity, and so you have to pretend to be good. For your information, I am more attracted to the naughty people! So I try to create naughtiness inside you.

Pretence is of no consequence. You can pretend – but you must remember – the swiftest change of your mind registers in my head. So how do I know? Because the vibration of yourself changes.

And you must then say: “Oh, thank goodness. He knows, so I don’t have to worry.” It helps me to come closer to you. If you put on a veneer on yourself and want to be somebody else, then how can I help you?

It is necessary for you to know yourself.

Be confident of yourself.

Guru Sri Subramanium, Skanda Vale, UK

Our retreats are about learning to develop and maintain an experience of the Divine in normal everyday life. They provide an opportunity and a space to step back and reflect on all aspects of living; from managing our physical health, our relationships and our professional responsibilities. It is also a rare opportunity to reflect on challenges such as illness and death.

Monks and nuns from the  monastic community of Skanda Vale Ashram (in the UK) lead the retreats. They offer satsang (discourses about God), informal question and answer sessions (German translation is available throughout) and an introduction to spiritual practices like meditation, breathing excercise, etc.. No texts are used, and there is no premeditated plan – inspiration flows freely in relation to the issues and aspirations of those present. The retreats offer much room for worshipping the Divine. The three daily pujas are an important part of the retreats and harmoniously balance the satsang and the practice.

Retreats work on a multitude of different levels; sometimes when we discuss the practical (and sometimes very funny) aspects of everyday life, Grace infuses the room, untangling the pressures, fears and emotional knots we all carry. Freed from this unwanted baggage the attendees often leave feeling spiritually refreshed, focussed and with a renewed sense of purpose in their lives.

The retreats are very much enhanced by the stunning alpine location – a short walk in the mountain air can help balance and enhance the retreats experience. There are simple daily domestic chores such as cooking and cleaning and the making of garlands for the temple that everyone is welcome to participate in.

Join a retreat

  • There are five to six retreats at the Ashram every year, usually once a month between April and October. Please check the calendar for the retreat dates.
  • Anyone is welcome to participate.
  • These are the retreat times: Friday 7:30 pm – Sunday 4 pm. Each retreat starts with the evening puja on Friday followed by a meal, and ends on Sunday after lunch.
  • During a retreat, daily worship continues as usual: puja at 6 am, 12:00 and 7:30 pm.
  • Simple accommodation is available at the Ashram. It is also possible to stay outside the Ashram while attending a retreat.
  • Everything at the Ashram, including accommodation and meals, is offered free of charge.
  • Interested? Please read our visitor information next and then register here.
Visitor information and registration

View some satsang & videos from our retreats

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