Ganesh Chaturthi with Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar

On August 25th Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar visited the temple and joined us for Ganesh Chaturthi. Here are some images and the experiences of a devotee.

On this special day Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar and his disciple Shivani came to Somaskanda Ashram. On the occasion of His birthday Lord Ganesh was worshipped outside in bright sunshine and decorated with colourful garlands. After the lunch puja everybody was joyfully sitting around Lord Ganesh and enjoying lunch together.

Shivaguruji explained what Lord Ganesh is holding in His hands: “All His blessing hands shall be with us and let me have Your kind of blessing hand to give to the world in all eternity. In His right hand there is a Manchanka (sceptre): let the goodness be known to the whole world. In His left hand there is a trishula which is a Shiva Asting, and in the other left hand there is a laddhu: let the whole universe have everything to eat. This is a blessing of light and this is a Ganesha with a Pasma, it means that Shiva blessed Ganesha to dance and this blessing is for all of you. Om Namah Shivaya.”

Later, everybody still gathered around Lord Ganesh in the sunshine, Shivani explained six Yoga exercises (Shiva Dhyan Yoga), which those interested practised right there. It was a very lovely Ganesh birthday.

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