Thank you!

Thanks to the dynamic support of the many volunteers the inauguration of the temple was a big success

The inauguration was an amazing experience which left a deep impression on everybody and which changed the lives of all of us. This event could only happen thanks to the dynamic support of the countless volunteers. There was much to do during the building phase which was particularly intense during the last months preceding the inauguration. The house had to be maintained, the workers needes delicious meals. The inauguration had to be prepared, and during the event many of you were standing in the kitchen, in the flower tent and in many other places making sure that everything could happen like clockwork. We as members of the board give you our greatest thanks for your service and your support – Somaskanda ashram lives with those people coming and giving themselves to it.

The image gallery provides only a tiny impression of all the people contributing, there were so many helping it was not possible to capture them all with the camera.

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