Travel directions
The ashram is located at 1800 m.a.s.l.. From the village of Fideris located in the canton Graubünden a mountain road winds up to the ashram for about 10 kilometers. During the warmer season you can drive near the ashram. During the winter this "Heuberge road" is closed for private cars and you must take the bus at the village of Fideris.

New: get your driving authorisation by SMS or App (see below "by car during summer")

From the village of Fideris to the ashram


    • Geographical coordinates: 46.88248, 9.73591 (N, E, decimal degrees).
    • Post code: 7235 Fideris
    • Contact for emergencies: +41 79 870 30 17

  • DURING WINTER (December - March)

    • During the winter the Heuberge road is closed from mid November until mid April. Cars must be left at the public parking areas provided in the village of Fideris.
    • Make use of the transport offered by the Heuberge company. During the high season (about mid December until end March) there are daily bus drives.
    • Drives up to the mountain/ to the ashram should be taken between 9 and 11 am to make it possible to join the lunchtime abishekam. Inform the driver about getting off the bus at "Höhi". From there it is a 15 minutes walk to the ashram on a small snow covered trail (300 m).
    • Drives back down to the village of Fideris can be taken in the morning until 12:30 am or in the afternoon after 4 pm. Drives down the mountain at 4 pm and thereafter have to be requested and reserved. Fees for single and return journey CHF 19.
    • During winter the Heuberge company runs a sledge run on the Heuberge road. So, for going downhill you can also use your sledge.
    • You will find more information in their bus time table. Please book your bus drive directly with them. Contact: +41 81 300 30 70. View time table for bus service

  • BY CAR DURING SUMMER (April - November)

    • Important: You must get a temporary driving authorisation to drive up this road. Buy a permit at the sales station of the Heuberge company (at Sägerei, just before you enter the village on the left), or at the Hotel Arflina up at Fideriser Heuberge and place it behind the screen so it is clearly visible.
      New: Purchase your authorisation by SMS or App! The signpost is located at the start of the road above the village of Fideris:
    • There is no broadly available parking around the ashram or at the bottom of the access track.
    • Drive in the direction of "Fideriser Heuberge". Stop your car at the start of the access track to the ashram (46.88304, 9.73800). You will see a sign here saying 'Höhi' (meaning 'altitude').
    • Unload your luggage and leave it here on the side of the road. Continue driving up the road to the main fork (signposts: Hotel Heuberge, Hotel Arflina, 46.86944, 9.73005). There is a public parking area here.
    • Leave your car here and walk back to your luggage (20 minutes). Carry your luggage up to the ashram (300m, 10 minutes)
    • The small parking area around the ashram is filled according to availability and needs (requirement: 4x4 gear). At the bottom of the access track the general parking prohibition of the Heuberge road applies. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.


    • During the summer season there is a bus service from Fideris village (Sägerei) to Fideriser Heuberge on Saturdays and Sundays provided by the Heuberge AG (get off the bus at "Höhi"). Please make an arrangement in advance by phoning +41 81 300 30 70, or emailing:
    • During weekdays you can hire a cab at Gotschna Taxi from Klosters (+41 81 420 20 20).
    • For groups of 4-6 people returning on the same day there is a taxi service available from Landquart or from the Zürich area to the temple: Perpa Transport (+4176 297 54 82, Landquart-temple return CHF 100 for the group, Zürich-temple return CHF 240 for the group)

Gettng to the village of Fideris

  • BY CAR

    • Take the motorway towards Chur. Befor arriving at Chur take the exit Landquart and follow the road towards Davos.
    • Drive to the village of Fideris, Kanton Graubünden, post code 7235. Follow the road to Fideriser Heuberge.


    • We are setting up a car sharing platform to coordinate lifts from Fideris to the mountain chalet. You are welcome to join our lift sharing group on facebook. There is also a WhatsApp-Group which you can join by contacting +4179 870 30 17.


    • Check the online time table of the Swiss trains. Take the train to Landquart and from there to Schiers. At Schiers take the PTT bus to Fideris.


    • Please do not book your flight until your application has been accepted and confirmed.
    • From the airport take the train to Zürich main station (HB) and continue to Landquart. Get on another train to Schiers and from there take the bus to Fideris. For the timetable see Swiss trains.
    • From the village to the ashram: During the summer season there is a bus service from Fideris village (Sägerei) to Fideriser Heuberge on Saturdays and Sundays provided by the Heuberge AG. Please arrange your bus drive in advance by phoning +41 81 300 30 70, or emailing: For more details see above.
    • During weekdays you can hire a cab at Gotschna Taxi from Klosters (+41 81 420 20 20).
    • When flying please make sure that you arrive on the day before the seminar starts. If that is not possible it is recommended that you arrive in Zurich not later than 11 am on Friday. The journey from the airport to Jenaz takes between 2 to 3 hours, depending on means of transport.
    • Please do not book a return flight leaving before 20:00h on Sunday. This will give you enough time to travel to the airport and check-in. You can organise transport with the Heuberge AG (Hotel Arflina) to take you to the train station in Jenaz, where there will be trains departing for Zurich (see above).