Visit from Babaji 22 July

Monday, 22 July, 11 am

Please come along!

We are most delighted that Sadguru Sri Shavavana Baba (Babaji) is coming back to Somaskanda Ashram. Everyone is welcome to join in. Please plan to be there at around 11 am to be ready for puja and Babaji’s arrival. There will be an open programme most likely including opportunities for worship and satsang until evening. Freshly cooked prasad (blessed food) will be served to all.

Please register your visit online. Come and help us with the preparations (leave a note in the registration form).

Getting there and parking

Please check the travel directions to locate the ashram. In order to drive up the 10 km on the mountain road towards the ashram a temporary driving permit is required. Please purchase it at the sales station of the Heuberge busses or by SMS code as indicated on the signposts in Fideris.

Please take note that there is no parking available near the ashram. Cars must be parked further up at the public parking areas. Kindly follow the instructions of the parking assistants on arrival.

Good to know

The ashram is located at 1850 m.a.s.l.. At this altitude the weather can change very quickly. Bring a warm jacket and and wear long trousers or skirts. Women should also wear a shawl as is appropriate for this type of event.

During Babaji’s visit no accommodation will be available at the ashram. If you are interested in staying near the temple we recommend a number of friendly local places to stay.


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