The Om plate

When Babaji visited the temple in Fideris in August 2015, he handed over to the temple a stone plate onto which he had scratched the symbol "OM". Read the satsang given by one of the Swamis from Skanda Vale in June 2016 and learn more about the story of the plate and the meaning [...]

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Wake up!

Guru Sri Subramanium the founder of Skanda Vale and Somaskanda Ashram urges us to stop daydreaming and start living consciously from moment to moment with love. From a Swiss Seminar in 2003. "Use your senses, don’t make them so dull! Worship the Lord with all your might, with all your [...]

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Assisted dying

Discourse on the issue of assisted dying given by Swami Suryananda in July, 2014 Divine friends. In the last couple of weeks, we have seen a lot of adharma and killing in the news. There’s been the shooting down of the plane over the Ukraine and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. In this [...]

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