Somaskanda ashram is funded solely through anonymous voluntary donations. We have no other source of income.

Everything at Somaskanda Ashram is provided totally free of charge including pujas (temple services), satsang (conversations and discourses about God) as well as meals and accommodation. Everyone working for the temple and the retreats does so without being paid. It is our policy never to actively seek donations of any kind. Your voluntary donation helps us to run the temple and the ashram and hold retreats. Above all, it contributes to maintaining and developing the temple on a long-term base.

Thank you for your support

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Make a donation by bank transfer

Donations can be made to our bank account:
Recipient: Verein Skanda Vale, Rohrmattweg 1, 3054 Schuepfen, Switzerland
IBAN: CH72 0483 5097 5934 3000 0
Bank: CREDIT SUISSE (Schweiz) AG, Postfach 100, CH-8070 Zuerich, Switzerland

Make a donation in cash

Cash can be placed in the donation box available on the premises. (The box is emptied on a regular base. Please do not offer cash in the temple.)

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