The temple

Our dream has come true: after working toward establishing a multi-faith temple in the Swiss Alps for over twenty years we were able to celebrate its inauguration in autumn 2016. Somaskanda Ashram is now a consecrated public place for worshipping God in all His diversity.

The temple

In the temple we worship God in his infinite and all-embracing diversity. In the centre there is Somaskanda Murti, a large Shiva Lingam towered by a three-headed nag (snake). It represents male as well as female aspects of the Divine, which can also be found in the many images sitting in the shrine niches on either side. There are deities and symbols found in the world religions such as Ganesh, Shiva, Kali, Mary, Jesus Christ, Buddha and many more.

The temple is available to all interested irrespective of their cultural and religious background. The doors open three times a day for the pujas (worship) being led by the Swamis (priests) from Skanda Vale. The lunchtime puja with its daily abishekams (special rituals) is the main service of the day.



How the temple was established

In 1994 the Swiss Association of Skanda Vale bought a picturesque mountain chalet near the alpine village of Fideris, as a place to hold spiritual seminars (retreats) and with the long-term goal of establishing a temple. The chalet was chosen partly because of its stunning location; at nearly 2000 metres above sea level, the chalet is far from the noise and hubbub of daily life. The crisp mountain air and profound sense of silence have a positively rejuvenating effect on all who visit.

For many years the chalet was only used for retreats when also pujas were celebrated regularly. After the installation of a beautiful granite murthi of Lord Ganesh in 2010 the building work took off. Thanks to the patient and detail-rich work done by many volunteers the top floor was slowly but steadily converted into a temple. In autumn 2016 we were able to celebrate its inauguration with big festivities and traditional rituals also installing Somaskanda Murti, all shared by many visitors from all over the world.

Visit the temple

  • Attend our daily worship (pujas). Come for a day or just for a single puja.
  • Take time for yourself and stay longer. Experience the every day life at the ashram.
  • Attend a retreat
  • Join as a volunteer. There is always something to do be it finishing details in the temple or helping with the running of the house.
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