The meaning of Somaskanda

We asked Brahmarishi Mohanji, a dear friend and mentor of Somaskanda Ashram and Skanda Vale, to explain about the meaning of Somaskanda. Find out what He said.

The Kailas Nath, Lord Shiva in the form of Dakshina Moorthy, along with Lord Kartikeya, Mother Parvati and loyal companion Nandi, also live in the mountains of the Swiss Alps, at the beautiful Soma Skanda Ashram. The powers (Shaktis) are activated through silence.

Both Kailas Nath and Soma Skanda Moorthy are the same stillness, that of a thoughtless mind. The stillness of supreme consciousness, existence in silence. Devi represents the soul of all actions derived out of stillness. Nandi demonstrates the eternal witnesshood of the supreme Lord.

The eternal supreme consciousness, Bhagawan Shankar and Lord Murugan activate the power of wisdom that we are already the universe that we have been searching for. Devi activates the power of action through service without expectations.

Lord Nandi gently reminds us of the importance of steadfast dedication, loyalty, accountability, responsibility, dependability and consistent commitment. The qualities a good seeker needs to climb the ladder to liberation.

Their energies come together in the Moorthy of Soma Skanda, to bless all those who make an effort to come there on pilgrimage. Mere remembrance of Soma Skanda will remove delusions and darkness from the mind.

Soma Skanda activates our power of will (Iccha Shakti), power of wisdom (Jnana Shakti) and power of creation ( Kriya Shakti), thus making our lives full and complete.

I bow down to Lord Soma Skanda.

Brahmarishi Mohanji

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