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Nandi puja

12 December, 12 pm (noon) Experience one of the fortnightly Nandi pujas. The light at this time of the year is particularly stunning. Make sure to get informed about the transport options.

2020-11-19T17:27:42+01:0021 November 2020|

Skanda Vale – Somaskanda group

Be part of our online community The WhatsApp group for the large Skanda Vale and Somaskanda community has been created in response to a growing need to connect, support, pray for and with each other. Due to the growing number of members the group has been divided into an interactive chat and an "content-only" [...]

2020-11-10T15:24:10+01:009 November 2020|

Full moon puja

29 November 12 pm (noon) You are warmly invited to join the next special full moon puja. The full moon pujas take place on the Sundays before the full moon. In every weather, the pujas start with an outdoor havan and a Kumbum puja to Lord Ganesh residing in front of the temple. The [...]

2020-10-26T11:22:11+01:002 November 2020|

Consecration of the temple foundations and installation of Lord Ganesh – anniversary

On 25 September we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the consecration of the temple foundations and of the installation of Lord Ganesh. View this video conveying an impression of these exciting four days ten years ago and read a satsang given by one of the Swamis. "During many years many people [...]

2020-10-24T09:34:47+02:008 October 2020|

May all be blessed

May all beings be blessed. Worship at Somaskanda Ashram sends out positive vibrations for the wellbeing of all life. View how this was done during the special celebration of Guru Purnima.

2020-08-31T16:05:27+02:0025 August 2020|

Guru’s teachings

A few days ago, we launched a brand new website and podcast as the permanent home for Guru’s teachings. Between the years 1990 and 2007, Guru travelled around six times each year to Switzerland to host spiritual seminars. SanatanaDharma.Global will be home to this vast archive of teachings. sanatanadharma.global [...]

2020-07-08T16:36:48+02:008 July 2020|

Kali procession

A few days ago we were able to take Mother Kali on her annual walk around the temple. The Kali procession takes place during the Shiva festival and provides a special highlight of this festival when Shiva and Shakti merge in an amazing puja. Get some impressions of an amazing day. [...]

2020-07-03T17:09:58+02:003 July 2020|

Looking inward

Sister Saskia talks about the challenge of connecting to the Divinity within. At the time of recording Somaskanda Ashram was still in lockdown and closed to pilgrims.

2020-06-13T14:08:18+02:0011 June 2020|
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