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Full moon puja

4 June, 12 pm (noon) You are warmly invited to join the next special full moon puja. The full moon pujas take place on the Sundays before the full moon. In every weather, the pujas start with an outdoor havan and a Kumbum puja to Lord Ganesh residing in front of the temple. The [...]

2023-05-02T17:16:10+02:0018 May 2023|

Ganesh festival

20 May - 4 June The festival starts with the new moon puja and a special mahabishekum to Lord Ganesh on 20 May at lunchtime. From 21 May onwards the Ganesh festival takes place at 6 am daily. Join us for a single Ganesh puja or spend some time at the ashram experiencing Lord [...]

2023-05-02T17:04:03+02:006 May 2023|

Vel procession

View this account of a vel puja at Somaskanda Ashram recorded last summer. The bhajan "Sharavana Shiva Kumara" is sung by Swami Satyananda, the oldest member of our monastic community. All images and music produced by volunteers and devotees of Somaskanda Ashram and Skanda Vale. [...]

2023-03-30T15:20:39+02:0030 March 2023|

Narayani Devi

Let yourself be carried by the vibrations of this bhajan. The piece of music was written, composed and produced entirely by devotees of Somaskanda Ashram and monastic members of Skanda Vale. The music track is also available on popular platforms such as Spotify.

2023-03-21T17:03:24+01:0021 March 2023|

New moon puja

22 March, 12 pm (noon) On new moon days there is always a special puja to Somaskanda Murti and to Meru, a geometrical structure - a yantra - representing the Divine Mother. In addition, there will be a special puja to our outdoors Lord Ganesh. The rituals start with a havan outside then continuing [...]

2023-02-08T20:25:57+01:0019 February 2023|

Meditation to Mary

Enjoy this serene praise of Mary and connect with her consciousness. All music and images produced by devotees of Somaskanda and Skanda Vale ashrams.

2023-02-02T17:29:06+01:0024 December 2022|

Ganapati Deva

Enjoy this music video praising Lord Ganesh. Music, lyrics and images were all produced by devotees of Skanda Vale and Somaskanda Ashram. Jai Jai Jai Gaṇapati Deva Gajānana Gaṇapati Deva Oṃkāraṃ Svarūpaṃ Deva Nāda Brahman Deha Deva Saccidānandaṃ Ekatāṃ Brahman Saccidānandaṃ Ekadantam Guṃ Guṃ Guṃ Gaṇapati Jaya [...]

2022-09-19T20:25:37+02:0019 September 2022|

The uniqueness of murthis

This video was recorded in response to the question "How does the experience of chanting to various unique murthis of the same aspect differ?" The answer was given by members of the community during an online satsang held at Skanda Vale and Somaskanda Ashram.

2022-06-14T09:38:45+02:0014 June 2022|

Lord Ganesh

Listen to Guruji's description of Lord Ganesh. Om Gam Ganapataye Namah! The twisted trunk. The single tusk. The fawn-coloured eyes. The potbellied one. The smoke coloured one. The remover of hindrances, the Lord of hordes. The one with the elephant's face... here ends the Holy Purana. When you chant 'Om Gam Ganapataye Namah' [...]

2022-05-31T19:17:25+02:0028 May 2022|

How to remain near your Guru

This video was recorded in response to the question "What made the community members stay through some of Guruji's tough challenging treatment of them in the earlier days?" The answer was given by members of the community during an online satsang held at Skanda Vale and Somaskanda Ashram. [...]

2022-05-19T18:03:27+02:0019 May 2022|
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