Who we are

Somaskanda Ashram is run by Skanda Vale and gets great support from the Swiss devotees. We are a group of people from many different walks of life, who for over 20 years, have been meeting regularly for satsang, worship and voluntary service.

Our roots

Like the ashram Skanda Vale in Wales Somaskanda Ashram is run by a multi-faith monastic community known as the Community of the Many Names of God. Skanda Vale was established by Guru Sri Subramanium in 1973 – today it is a place of pilgrimage and sanctuary that attracts over 90,000 international visitors each year.

Skanda Vale follows the principle of Sanathana Dharma – the ‘Timeless Conciousness of God’ as taught by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. We believe that God is One, though His forms are many. We celebrate Divinity in every religion, and aspire to discover that same unified Divine Consciousness as the innermost reality of everything.

Our history

The story began in 1990, when Guru Sri Subramanium came to Switzerland to lead a spiritual seminar with friends of the Skanda Vale community. The seminar was a great success, and Guru soon found himself travelling to Switzerland on a regular basis. As the number of attendees steadily increased, the idea of buying a property in which to host the seminars began to evolve.

In 1994, the Swiss devotees formed the Association of Skanda Vale in Switzerland, and a mountain chalet near the village of Fideris in Prättigau (in the canton of Graubünden) was purchased. Located at an altitude of almost 2000 metres, the chalet sits in an area of outstanding natural alpine beauty.

For many years the mountain chalet was used for spiritual seminars. The long term goal of establishing a consecrated temple for the worship of God in all his forms was patiently persued. In autumn 2016 the temple was inaugurated and the ashram is now open throughout the whole year.

Funding body

The financial structure of Somaskanda Ashram is within the responsibility of the association “Skanda Vale” in Schüpfen, BE, Switzerland. We do not ask for membership fees and staying at the ashram is free of costs. All expenses for the running and the maintenance of the ashram are covered by voluntary anonymous donations. Whenever possible the maintenance and building work is done by volunteers.

What we do

  • The temple is open to all people wanting to worship God or looking for Him. The doors of the temple open three times a day for the pujas (worship).
  • It is possible to stay longer at the ashram for withdrawing from one’s life or for volunteering.
  • Each year there are four to five spiritual seminars at the ashram, to which all are welcome.
Visitor information and registration

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