Kali procession

Saturday, 2 July, 12 pm (noon) Join Maha Kali on her procession around the temple and for her special mahabishekum in the temple. Be part of this extraordinary highlight of Shiva festival.

2022-06-14T11:07:31+02:0027 June 2022|

Nandi puja

26 June, 12 pm (noon) Experience one of the fortnightly Nandi pujas. Upcoming Nandi pujas 11 July 25 July 9 August

2022-06-17T17:11:46+02:0015 June 2022|

Shiva festival

29 June - 13 July 29 June 12 pm (noon), from 30 June 6 am daily Join us for this most auspicious festival of intensified devotion to Lord Shiva. The festival starts on 29 June at lunchtime with the new moon puja. In addition to a special puja for Lord Shiva there will be [...]

2022-06-17T17:13:55+02:0013 June 2022|
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