24 October, 7 pm Join us for Dassera, where all aspects of Divine Mother are worshipped in one joint mahabishekum.

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New moon & festival start: 15 October, 12 pm (noon) Navaratri: 15 - 23 October, daily 7 pm Dasara: 24 October, 7 pm Join us in worshipping the Divine Mother in her various forms. The festival starts on 15 October at 12 'o clock noon with the new moon havan and a kumbabishekum to [...]

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Temple anniversary

Saturday, 23 - Sunday, 24 September Join us for celebrating the seventh anniversary of Somaskanda Ashram. There will be two days filled with havans and kumbapujas. We look forward to seeing you! Programme Saturday: 12 pm (noon) - 6 pm Sunday: 12 pm (noon) - 6 pm The celebrations will start on Saturday at [...]

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Dattatreya Jayanti

7 December, 12 pm (noon) Join the celebration of the birthday of Lord Dattatreya, the incarnation of the three-fold divinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He represents the Guru principle. On that date,  it is likely that the Heuberge road will already be closed for private vehicles. You can inquire directly with Heuberge AG [...]

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