Puja & events calendar

A calendar of our daily pujas (worship), retreats and special events. Dates and times may change on short notice.

Daily worship: At noon there are daily Abishekams to Sri Somaskanda Murti and to a deity changing daily: Monday Lord Nataraj or Artanarishwara; Tuesday Lord Subramanium; Wednesday Lord Rama or Lord Hanuman; Thursday Lord Ganesh; Friday Maha Devi, Saturday Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna.
Special pujas: On Sundays there is a special Abishekam to Sri Somaskanda Murti at lunch time and in the evenings there is a Christian service. In addition, there are special pujas on full moon and new moon. Nandi is worshipped fortnightly, and the Navagrahas once a month.
Festivals: When possible we celebrate the same religious festivals as Skanda Vale in Wales.
Retreats: Througout the year there are six to seven retreats.

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