Guru Purnima

27 July, 2018

Guru Purnima is always the culmination of the Shiva festival and each year the intensity of devotion escalates at Somaskanda. This year saw the first dedicated Shiva shrine during the festival and full mahabishekums celebrated every morning in addition to the midday worship. The presence of Guru Subramanium as well as Babaji and Mohanji on the shrine on this amazing day was truly tangible. We are all part of Guru’s sankalpa and recognition of this brings us great confidence on our respective journeys. The tangible grace given on this day is something we should treasure and remember for the coming year. As we are often reminded Somaskanda is going from strength to strength. Personalities and individual likes and dislikes are quite irrelevant to this process. The guru within us can guide and transcend all obstacles.

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