Living with God I

The Autobiography of Guru Sri Subramanium, volume I

The German translation of the first volume of Guruji’s autobiography is now available

Spirituality and life go together; I can’t disassociate myself from spirituality in any way. I always blend Divine consciousness and Divine living with all the work I do. People think that God is tucked up in heaven and occasionally, when pressed with some problem, ask God for help, before returning Him back once more. “Now, You stay there whilst I…” That is not so in my life. There is a partnership going on alongside my living.

Guru Sri Subramanium

Guru Sri Subramanium, founder of Skanda Vale multi faith monastery, shares some vivid and unconventional examples from his early years. Whether working in Selfridges, singing for royalty, or providing a counterbalance to life in London during the swinging sixties, Guru gives some advice on how to “be in the world, but not of it”.

The autobiography can be purchased in German as paperback or e-book from all larger Swiss and German book sellers or directly from the publisher’s bookshop (BoD). Proceeds from this book support the continued running and the projects of Somaskanda Ashram.

The original English edition can be obtained from the Skanda Vale Hospice-Shop as before.

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