Overcome self-doubt

Guru Sri Subramanium explains how Iccha Shakti (will power) and Satyam (truthfulness) can help us defeat self-doubt and guilty hangups.

“God is the goal! But you have to first master yourself. You must relate all your senses to the Divine because all the senses are interacting with God.

Your vision; what you see is very superficial. What you hear is even more superficial. Your prana; when you take a breath you are like a fish! And the vibration of sound that comes from you is not wholesome. Why do we say not wholesome? Because you’re not conscious. The mind and the vibration of sound are not coordinated.

The way your heart functions in rhythm with the three Gunas – one is running away in one direction, and one in another direction. It is not focused on the point of concentration.

Be mindful. Don’t say anything that you do not mean. Be committed to what you say. Then when you do whatever you do, it has a bearing – you can have power in your hands.

To master these Gunas and your energies in your body is a lifetimes activity. Hence from one cycle of birth to another; from the primitive cycle to this cycle of consciousness, you have evolved and now you are very sophisticated. Sophistication is a way of saying “I’ve got it all under control, boy, I know what I’m doing! Ha! You can’t tell me what to do.”

And you think you can play with this sophistication – but you’re not in control. When you are in control, then you can really play with the energies that you have got. From the tip of my finger, I can play with any energy. But your mind is not powerful enough. To get the mind so powerful you are looking for this word called God and religion.”

Guru Sri Subramanium

To go to God you have to master and be mindful of, all the sense objects. Focus! Make sure that when you are saying something, you are really saying it – sending this vibration straight to God, nowhere else.

Guru Sri Subramanium

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