Retreat in April

A lovely group of people went for a retreat and spent some days experiencing the Divine out in the early spring nature, in shared Satsang and in deep devotion. Take a look at the images and read about some of the experiences of a pilgrim.

“Throughout the weekend we shared many warm experiences but no more so than when we came together for satsang in the temple. The day outside was beautiful so we decided to keep the door open and allow the sunlight to stream in. We made ourselves comfortable and soaked up the golden atmosphere of the temple.

We talked about our time spent with Guru; the deep love he had for each and every one of us and how he would repeat over and over to make use of him while we could.

Guru’s vision of Skanda Vale both in Britain and Switzerland continues to evolve and unfold and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. The retreat allows time to be spent with people of like mind, to be open and honest about what’s important to us.”

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