A new arrival of Lord Nataraj

Recently, a new murti of Lord Nataraj arrived at Somaskanda Ashram. While strictly observing the requirements for a Covid-free temple visit, this nearly life-size image was unloaded from the trailer and moved to its first residing place in its new home. Enjoy the impressions of this remarkable moment.

Where does this Lord Nataraj come from?

The story begins in a charity shop in the greater Zürich area, where a devotee of Lord Shiva purchased the statue a few years ago. After some time, he came to the conclusion that this Nataraj should be delivered to a place which is more suitable for such an amazing murthy. A dear friend of his supported him in giving the Nataraj to the temple as a generous donation. No more is know about the origin and earlier history of this wonderful Lord Nataraj but we are all in awe of the Divine Lila which has taken place enabling this murthy to now reside in Somaskanda Ashram.

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