Vows of poverty

Divine friends, we have taken vows of poverty.

What does that mean? To indulge in all the luxuries of the world? You know, for the first time I spoke about my times when I was a yogi and rishi.

It did not drop on deaf ears! It dropped on very fertile ground. I went out of my way to give them a great depth of vision of what I had to achieve. Then they understood what I meant by austerity.

There, living in a cave not expecting anything from anybody… tending on your devotion to God. And in the village, somebody will milk a cow and heat that milk and bring it and leave it where you are sitting and not disturb you and go away.

Now you don’t rush to drink that little container of milk because your constitution would not be able to cope with it. So you measure what you put into your system and you learn what austerity means in its real sense.

You learn the value of life at that time.

Guru Sri Subramanium

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