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Guru Sri Subramanium, founder of Skanda Vale Ashram in Wales and of Somaskanda Ashram in Switzerland,  describes the problem of false piety, meekness and lack of self confidence in spirituality. He makes the point that, in fact, true humility is about becoming aware of your own innate Divinity…

“Divine friends, this is a voyage of discovery. From birth to this consciousness you have changed many times, then you will change many more times before you die.

If you have taken your foot off the accelerator pedal to discover God it is because you chose to, not because somebody has chosen that. But the drama is about your living, and learning to let go from the world of illusion – for you must remember that you are divine by nature.

All the faculties of yours have an extension, and that is to God. Your eyes, your hearing, your prana, your voice, your heart, your throat, your hands, your loins… is linked to God. My job is to make them function well, to make you feel good inside you, strong inside you, shakti, full of power and confidence.

False humility

If you pretend to be very feeble I won’t look at you. If you haven’t a charisma, do you really believe I’ll look at you twice? I want you to make ME feel good! And I want you to make yourself feel good in that same process. Because that is what God is about.

You’ve been taught so many things, how humble and meek a human being has to be, yes? Humble and meek, very [bows head and puts hand together] like that. You don’t have to show the world, and pretend to be humble and meek.


I promise you, when I go into a restaurant, or when I go anywhere, I make sure everybody knows that I have arrived. I do not crawl into the place like a little worm! No, I have power, and I’m damn well going to show it to all those people, and share it with them – and so have you!

That’s the confidence of a person who has through time evolved, and discovered the potential within yourself.If you are going to be a good business man, you have to damn well sell yourself first, before your product.

When I arrive into the temple or for a meeting with my monks and nuns, the first thing I do is give them a good up and down, look; the way they are presenting, the way they are selling themselves; and they have that charisma within themselves, of great confidence and power. Because people want to associate themselves with that.

My job is not to squash people, but to upgrade them, all the time, and help them discover their divinity, and strength, and personality.

When you talk of God, what do you think God is? Do you think He’s the most uninteresting character in the world or creation? No – He is the composition of all the elements and the energies, of the world. If anything is dull it’s the human being… until they discover their divinity.

Change your life through mindfulness

Don’t talk yourself down. Don’t look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘Oh, bloody hell, what a terrible looking woman or man I am!’ You can change whatever you want within your life; but remember, that the changes you must make are in relation to divinity. Come to know the powers that are invested in you as a human being, remember that.

You are a very powerful force, but discover how you are going to use it. When you use the vibration of the sound from you, as a human being – this is what we are always telling you to do, to chant, to worship God – put power into that voice.

Don’t be mindless! You want to send the energy and vibration to God, and for him to know that you are talking to him? Then you have to concentrate. Learn that concentration. That will improve your quality of life, in whatever work you’re doing. You will be excellent in every field of work that you are involved in. Worship is perfect, perfect in all the qualities of your life.

Care for others – transcend yourself

Always, don’t think of yourself, think of others. Do what you can. Help everybody. Care must be your foremost thought because you are to pay your karma. Free yourself. Get yourself a hallmark within yourself that ‘I want to achieve oneness with God’.

Not belief! For heavens’ sake, don’t believe about God. I don’t believe about God, I don’t believe about God. I know the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is in me, and I am in you.

Love for God conquers fearfulness

Love in the morning. Love at lunchtime. And love in the evening, when you go to bed. Love, love, love. If you have love, you have space and time for God to come to you. I didn’t explain to you anything but love. How you are going to apply it is your business.

But be mindful, and be aware of what you are going to do. You are the architect of every action and reaction that you are going to cause.

Spend less time about your physical body, more time about how you are going to advance spiritually. Fearlessly you must go forward – the past is beyond recovery, the present is at hand. Now. This moment is very precious, don’t lose that. It’s an opportunity that you have got, and use it.

You have to break out of this mode of fear, and preoccupation about yourself. I want you to wake up in the morning, wake and feel good inside you.

For God is power. God is Shakti.”

Guru Sri Subramanium

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