Arrival of the Lingam

A big event took place at the beginning of last week: The long journey of the Lingam and Nandi from India to the temple came to an end. The murthies, which had arrived by sea in Hamburg some days ago, were left in their container and shipped by train to Basel from where they came to Schiers by road. With the exception of Nandi, they were moved onto smaller trucks and driven to the temple high above Fideris. Due to his heavy weight of over 3 tonnes, Nandi will be taken up in a special vehicle within the next days. At the temple house the different parts of the Lingam were carefully unloaded and placed in a particular order to be ready for their first ppurification in a water bath. We are very happy about the arrival of the murthies and are curious how the lingam will look once all parts are seated together – but we will only be able to see this at the inauguration of the temple!

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