Jagadguru Sri Sharavanababa visits the temple

Sunday, 30 August was a most auspicious day: Jagadguru Sri Sharavanababa (Babaji) made a pilgrimage to visit the temple and its surroundings. Read the satsang he gave at the edge of the wood and view the images of this unforgettable day.

Om Sharavanabhava, Om Sharavanabhava
Shiva Shiva Hara Hara Maha Deva
Shiva Shiva Hara Hara Maha Deva
Shiva Shiva Hara Hara Maha Deva
Namah Shivaya Shantaya Shudhaya Nirmalaaya Prasanaaya Sri Dakshina Murtaye Namaha
Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya
Sarvam Shivamayam
Sarvam Shaktimayam
Sarvam Shiva Shakti Mayam
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya

Search for places like this

“You are offering your love in front of the Almighty. The Almighty is ensuring that you reach what you love. The Almighty is ensuring that. All that you see around you is what you should truly be loving. When you love or when you have love towards things as you see them around you, your mind won’t divert into dirt. You should hold on tight to things like this. That is why your ancestors always went out and searched for places like this and sat there. That is the main component that is required for your sustenance. There are no contaminants in this atmosphere. When you are seated in such an atmosphere for at least five minutes your inner light is well fed. Your body is also rejuvenated. Your actions obtain more clarity. The reflection of goodness increases in your actions. You must always have love towards things like this. This is beyond everything. You cannot calculate these things. You have the capability to calculate things on a lower level, but you don’t have the capability to calculate things on a higher level so you must be seated at such levels and do tapas. It is indeed tapas like this that lead you into the right direction in your lives. What you are doing right now is sathana that will remove internal blocks that are within you, not on a coarse level but on a subtle level. You must overcome all those blocks. That is why you put in all this effort climbing up the mountain constantly chanting, and you finally reached here. You must always accept these things. You must always be receptive, you must never feel that this is a difficulty and you must enjoy your lives through such activities.”

Here there is no room for commercialism

“You shouldn’t be enjoying your lives with things that are purchased with money. The luxury, the pleasure that you obtain from such sources is limited, it is transient, it goes away, and you will have an aversion towards such things gradually. You will feel that you don’t require those things. It is at such a time that you have an affinity toward such atmospheres, such conditions. Through things like this you should find bliss in your lives. And this bliss, this happiness, this anandam, is permanent. What you see around you doesn’t fade, but what you attain using money fades away just like the sole of a slipper: it fades away, it rubs off. Then you have to keep on changing the slippers or at least the sole. How many slippers have you used in your lives until now? You have not changed your feet, but you have changed your slippers. This is all that is truly permanent. Beings like myself always enjoy and wish to be in such atmospheres, but then the Almighty has given us a task and pushed us toward the crowds. So at least once in a while I can come and be seated in such places. That is why when I get a free moment I come in search of places like this. For example, yesterday we had a busy programme. Basically, we completed a tour of two months. I could have simply sat there and taken rest, but then I opted to be here amongst you in this atmosphere. This is what truly recharges us. You all must always love such atmospheres. You must take up such places and convert them into more conducive atmospheres for the worship of the Divine. In such conditions you must actually worship the Almighty. Here, there should be no place for commercialism. Only devotion should have the highest place. Here, you can call out to the Almighty according to your will, your desire. Narayana! Namah Shivaya! However loud you may cry or call out to the Almighty, no one can come and complain. So you can open your heart and call out to the Almighty. You can always do worship to Him in such an atmosphere.

I thank all of you who have put in your efforts to ensure that I reached here. You all kept aside all your other priorities and decided to be with me on this journey and join in, so I thank you all. My Blessings will always be there with you in your lives. In all moments in life My presence will be felt. Om Sharavanabhava.

You must lead your lives in three different states. Always associated to good beings, to Divine beings. You should live through Satsang, or with positive associations. You must lead your lives doing good actions in association with Divine beings, association with everything that is positive, and always doing good karma. Om Sharavanabhava.”

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Om Namah Shivaya Shantaya Shudhaya Nirmalaaya Prasanaaya Sri Dakshina Murtaye Namaha
Om Subramanyaaya Namaha Skandaaya Kartikeyaaya Parvati Priya Nandanaayacha Mahadeva Kumaraya Subramanyaaya De Namaha

Let us pray

“Please pray to your mother and father, your Guru and God. Please pray deeply. Everything is good. Please be of soft mind with me, and be One with me. Please grant me good health, good knowledge, good wealth good happiness. Please pray deeply.

God is saying: Don’t worry about your life. Don’t worry about your life. Everything is Blessed. Om Sharavanabhava.”

I will take care of everything

“Did any of you imagine that you would meet a Guru like this? Did any of you think that you would be seated here? That’s why we say the Almighty‘s plans are unlimited. You actually never reached here but the Almighty ensured you reached here. Om Sharavanabhava. …

This atmosphere and all these events will always be in your memory throughout your lives. Most likely, if I had given the same satsang in the protected environment of the temple, you may have forgotten the satsang. The satsang that I just gave you, you will never forget. This will eternally be absorbed completely by your being. This is because the atmosphere is so conducive and beautiful. At this moment your mind is only here, nowhere else. That is why you were all able to catch it properly. Om Sharavanabhava. I will take care of everything, don’t worry.”

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